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    The Jaam Darou is now a leading multi product manufacturer of laminate Tubes (ABL & PBL) along with former products of Aluminium collapsible tubes & Rigid Cans, Alu.Slugs Plastic injected parts and Bottles all measuring up to International standards and basically used as packing containers by Pharmaceutical, Hygienic, Cosmetic, Chemical and Food industries. This undutiful dynamic development during JAAM DAROU’S career is achieved By constant group efforts of well-qualified experts linked up with modern machineries.



A brief introduction of company:  

  • Nationality: Iranian

  • Owners: Private

  • Member of: I.C.C.I

  • Member of: Tehran Stock Exchange Market

  • Number of shareholders: 20000 (approximately)

  • Registered and paid up Capital:800,000,000,000 Rls

  • Banks: Bank Melli Iran, Bank Sepah , Bank Tejarat , Bank Saderat Iran, EN Bank, Bank Mellat

  • Number of Employee: 195

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The oldest and the main producer of Aluminium collapsible Tubes and cans